About Us

Hello i'm Zana the owner and creator of cherubsjewellery.com I wanted you to know who I am when you call up, email, follow me on Twitter or message me on FacebookI am a huge fan of social media and would love for you to join me on all of the many ways to keep in touch.

I have had the pleasure of working in the Jewellery industry for 19 years. (eek How time flies) By far the most amazing was managing a boutique for Cartier which was truly and completely my most favorite Job.  I left Cartier to get married and live at the other end of the country so now I live with my husband and my little girl who is rather good at choosing new jewellery to put on the website.  Despite my shiny website I actually began dreaming about having my own business, created Cherubs Jewellery and now operate from one office room and having launched in 2010. I have the small business bug where I am determined to one day have a boutique for all you lovelies to come and meet me face to face.   If you can't wait for the boutique, you can shop here, make a personal shopping appointment with me where you can come and select some jewellery when it suits you or host a jewellery party at home.  Get in touch if you would like more information.

I am working on getting some videos on the new website and have had a few attempts already where I usually end up giggling and having to start again! I would be a terrible news presenter on the TV, ha ha.  I would be crying at the sad stories and laughing at the funny names, you know what I mean.  How do they do it? I will never know.  You can see the latest efforts on You Tube, there are some funny out takes on there too! http://www.youtube.com/user/cherubsjewellery

 I have worked for and with some fantastic people who have given me much inspiration to Create Cherubs.  The most influential being my mum, who always believed in what I did.  It's nice when someone believes in you isn't it.

That said, I created Cherubs Jewellery for you, to help celebrate all the special moments in your life, and they are special so make the most of every day.

Zana x