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Paul is noted as one of the modern innovators in British jewellery design and within the industry is sometimes quoted as the ‘Goldsmiths’ Goldsmith’ - he has twice been voted the UK Jewellery Designer of the Year and has won a host of other awards.

Gravity-defying settings, frequent use of his favorite marquise cut stones, the super-radiant ice  flower cut which he also favors and his love affair with the warm brown diamonds that he calls ‘chocolate’ are amongst cutting-edge characteristics that make Paul Spurgeon jewellery recognizable and irresistible amongst aficionados who seek out and collect his work.

Now based in his Cambridgeshire workshop where every item is hand finished, Paul had a very different start to his career,  He was apprenticed to the famously eccentric master goldsmith David Pearce, who, he says, "He taught me the finest craftsmanship, and that there were no limitations. We worked in many other materials besides precious metals - he could work in anything, like creating a mythical miniature galleon from a nautilus shell. The first thing he did was send me to the library to find images of beautiful objects I would like to make. I was very lucky to be taught by a true artist who knew no boundaries - it made me free to fly".