Hallmark Guide

For hundreds of years Hallmarks have been used to identify the purity or fineness of Gold, Platinum, Silver and now Palladium.  A visual Hallmark confirms the article has been tested and is a guarantee that it conforms to the legal standards.  Only an Assay office can carry out these tests.  In the UK There is an assay office in London, Birmingham, Sheffield and Edinburgh.  Have a look at the attached information which explains Hallmarking, what you can look for and how you can identify where, when and what the fineness is of your article.  The Dealer’s Notice, which must be displayed by all dealers supplying precious metal jewellery, is being updated to add two new marks, in a version that will be compulsory from 1 May 2020. 

  • The Dealer’s Notice has been updated to incorporate:

  • A new differentiated hallmark for articles hallmarked outside of the UK by Birmingham Assay Office: the new differentiated Birmingham hallmark is now the only assay office mark being used on articles marked in Birmingham Assay Office’s sub-office in Mumbai. The new mark consists of a vertical anchor and a compass with a cut cornered rectangular outline.  The decision to invoke a differentiated mark to be used by UK offices hallmarking outside of the UK was made by the British Hallmarking Council in March 2018.  The use of this mark has been compulsory since 1 April 2019.
  • A new type 2 standardised CCM mark: The type 1 or traditional CCM conformity mark uses a different shield shape for each precious metal. It also always contains the millesimal fineness of the alloy.  The new type 2 or standardised CCM mark is a single generic conformity mark used for all precious metals and finenesses.  It must be accompanied by a mark specifying the millesimal fineness of the alloy and a unique mark for each precious metal or the chemical symbol for the precious metal.  These accompanying fineness and metal identifying marks can be separate or combined.

I can email you a copy of the Hallmarks Information plus we are always here to answer any questions you have about Hallmarking, please contact us where we will be happy to help you.

Kit Heath - Hallmarking Guide

Is the silver really real? The simple answer is yes. If the Kit Heath design you have fallen in the love with is 7.7g or heavier, you will find our assay office stamp somewhere on it. (We have to do this otherwise we'd get told off by somebody who works near Big Ben and is also a little reminder that we are as passionate about our quality as we are our designs). For those pieces which are smaller, we can assure you that our jewellery is 925 grade sterling silver which is one of the highest grades of silver available and will be stamped so. All of the jewellery created at Kit Heath have our own Kit Heath makers or 'sponsor' mark. If you receive a piece that does not carry this "KH" or "Kit Heath" mark, don't worry it is most likely that we could not make our mark fit anywhere so it would still look pretty!

Our philosophy is to create personal and enduring designs that nod to fashion yet smile at style. Jewellery is our world and we’re passionate about everything we do. Every design lovingly evolves from an inspiring idea to a stunning piece of jewellery.
The anticipation of seeing each design brought to life is what makes us get out of bed. We love our jewellery but our biggest thrill is seeing our jewellery worn everyday by you. Our customers love what we do and we hope you do too.
Kit’s story has an interesting beginning. Short of a source of silver, Kit found his family’s candlesticks and before anyone knew, he had melted them down to make jewellery for his friends. His parents have only just forgiven him.
Thirty years on and an inspiration to us all, Kit has created an international success story driven by his love of sterling silver.
We believe everyone deserves a piece of Kit Heath.

Jubilee Hallmark The Diamond Jubilee Hallmark.  Commemorative Hallmark for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012.  The hallmark will be used this year only and pieces hallmarked with the Jubilee hallmark will become the 'Antiques' of the future.

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